Why you should hire Tom Kelly to represent you:

An Experienced Trial Lawyer

I have practiced in Chicago and in all the counties in Southwestern Wisconsin. I know the judges and prosecutors, as well as most of the lawyers. I have found that now is the best time of my legal career in the sense of getting results for my clients. Now that my contemporaries are on the bench, I am getting more respect and seeing calls go my way more than ever before.

Litigation is like a poker game, any lawyer can win with a winning hand, but each of us must play the cards we are dealt. It takes an experienced trial lawyer to know when to hold and when to fold. Sometimes a hand improves as the case winds through the system. I know how to make that happen by taking advantage of weaknesses I discover in the other side’s case. Many cases are not what they first appear from reading complaints and police reports. Many times I have been able to exploit these weaknesses to my client’s advantage in the plea bargaining process or, if necessary, in motions or jury trials. I know what juries need to find reasonable doubt in criminal cases or to find for the plaintiff in civil cases. If I can't help you, I will refer you to someone who can.

Many people feel they need to hire a “Big City” lawyer to represent them in a rural county because the judges and prosecutors will be somehow intimidated by that attorney’s well-advertised reputation. Most judges and prosecutors will deny that these lawyers get any better results than a local lawyer who has their respect as a person and a professional. When someone calls me to represent them in a county where I do not regularly practice, I generally tell them they can probably get as good, if not better, result from a good local lawyer who knows the prosecutor and judge, for less money than I would need to charge to justify the travel involved.

Recent Decisions: 

Richland County. Felony Battery reduced to misdemeanor. No jail, probation with expungement of record.

Richland County. Possession of child pornography. Dismissed sexual intercourse with minor. Misdemeanor. Probation. No jail. No sex-offender registration.

Sauk County. Obtained ruling that 1992 OWI (2nd Conviction) was unconstitutional.

Green County. Obtained ruling that 1996 3rd OWI conviction was unconstitutional.

Sauk County Jury Trial. Sexual Assault. Not Guilty, Jury Verdict.

Grant County OWI 3rd Offense Reduced to 1st Offense OWI.

Columbia County OWI 5th Offense Dismissed.

Iowa County Sexual Assault Jury Trial. Not Guilty All Counts.

Richland County: Obtained release from prison for client held 2 years beyond proper release date due to clerical errors by prior lawyer.

Sauk County: Felony domestic battery reduced to disorderly conduct.

Dane County Motorcycle Accident: Recovered damages from party causing the accident.

Adams County Drug Possession reduced to Non-criminal county ordinance violation.

Dane County Possession of Psylocybin mushrooms: client referred to first offenders program.

Iowa County: Felony OWI reduced to misdemeanor negligent operation of a vehicle, not upon a highway, no license revocation.